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Yep! I am featured in Bustle!

Articles on that interview me on Astrology Sun Signs and Careers/Relationships (thank you Carolyn Steber!) – 1. Relationship Problems – 2. Marriage Timing – 3. Career Options – 4.  Year 2017 in Relationships and my favorite this far – 5.  Improve Your Relationships! 🙂  I also did a small interview for when you have dreams that you lose your teeth or that your teeth fall out or dissintegrate.  That was great!

astroherbalist elvenspirituality intuitivetiming lucyastarza moonbooks johnhuntpublishing

I am SO excited for the 2017 release of “Every Day Magic – A Pagan Book of Days” by Lucya Starza, to be published by Moon Books, a division of John Hunt Publishing in the UK!  This is similar to a 365-day (plus leap year day) prayer book or daily meditations for the spirit or soul for an entire year that are fairly popular in more mainstream audiences.  As Calantirniel, I contributed five days of short rituals from the Elven Path, and it was fun!  Those dates are: March 28th, May 21st, September 25th, November 21st, and December 22nd.  I love the cover too – the photo is from Lucya herself and I adore the simplicity!

Raven Digitalis and Calantirniel for Esoteric Empathy Booksigning, San Diego, CA – 2017


Congratulations Raven Digitalis for your BEST book yet – this one I am especially excited about – seriously!  Llewellyn published “Esoteric Empathy – A Magickal & Metaphysical Guide to Emotional Sensitivity” in the Fall of 2016 (and the Kindle Ebook version too).  I contributed my view point on physical empathy for this book since I tend to be an empath in a different way than other people – and I was so happy Raven wanted to represent diversity in this much anticipated work!  Not only that – after reading that section of the book, I actually learned something – it can be so helpful to have a framework! 🙂  Orion Foxwood loves it too – and I understand it is now an Amazon Bestseller!!

MickieMuellerArt AstroHerbalist


Hurray!  Mickie Mueller’s newest book is OUT!  I wrote as Calantirniel a three and one-half page contribution toward this fabulous book (and the image above the book cover is what a complete gift set looks like: a signed book, matching bookmark and matching double-mirror compact!  WONDERFUL!  Click on either of the above-images to view the book trailer, or click “description” to see ALL of the possible purchasing links – WEHEW!!

astroherbalist calantirniel anthology pagan planet moon books

Thank you once again Trevor Greenfield AND to Nimue Brown with Moon Books, part of O-Books and John Hunt Publishing in the UK for this wonderful anthology that could be a follow-up to Paganism 101 below, but can also be entirely independent of it!  It is called, “Pagan Planet – Being, Believing & Belonging in the 21st Century.” which was released January, 2016 (and here is the Kindle Ebook version for only $2.51!).  I contributed as Calantirniel an essay about the Tolkien Elven Spiritual Path as a viable alternative to those who love earth/nature-based practice and/or for those who like a Christ-centered pathworking.  You can purchase the book in the Amazon Astore – or at the Moon Books links provided above – and just look at this great list of authors on Goodreads! Pagans 101 Anthology

Paganism 101 from the UK’s Moon Books (part of O-Books) is now released!  As of February 2016 – get the Kindle Ebook for only $4.61, regularly $7.99!   Get the paperback printed version here.  I contributed a short article on Herbalism for this work, and after reviewing the book’s Facebook page, I am excited to see that it has rave reviews from Ron Hutton, Philip Carr-Gomm, Dr. Nevill Drury, and many more!  After I obtained my own copy, I now see why these prominent authors and public figures are so excited about the concept of this work, as well as the content!  Excellent job, Trevor Greenfield!


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The following is the list of published articles, as well as the featured Llewellyn annuals, the most recent being first:

2018 Herbal Almanac publishing (tentatively)  “Native American Herbal Lore”
which will feature genuine stories from a dominant tribe of the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America.

2018 Witches’ Companion publishing “Witchy Spa Day” for your enjoyment and self-care!

2016 Magical Almanac published “Be Careful What You Wish For – Another Viewpoint.” Now OUT OF PRINT.

2015 Herbal Almanac published “The Druid’s Guardians: Birch, Elder and Hawthorn.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2014 Herbal Almanac published “All About Mullein.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2014 Magical Almanac published “Healing Waters.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2013 Witches’ Companion published “Who Heals the Healers?Now OUT OF PRINT.

2013 Herbal Almanac published “Herbs and Energetic Healing” and “Herbal Philosophy.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2013 Magical Almanac published “Regenerate and Repair the Aura” and “Pagan Teens and Their Mainstream Peers – A Story.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2012 Herbal Almanac published “Beginning Aromatherapy” and “Herbal Nervines.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2012 Magical Almanac published “Cutting Cords” and “Spells for the Bathtub.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2012 Moon Sign Book published “Introduction to Natural Beekeeping.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2011 Herbal Almanac published “Prickly/Wild Lettuce” and “Create Your Own Essential Oils.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2011 Magical Almanac published “Creating Tarot Spells Using Dowsing.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2011 Moon Sign Book published “Eat Your Weeds!”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2011 Witches’ Companion published “Pagans and Prosperity Issues,” and “Chakra Balancing and Tarot.”  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2010 Magical Almanac published “Astral Projection for the Ultra-Earthbound.” Now OUT OF PRINT.

2010 Herbal Almanac published “Wild World of Mustards” and “Plantain.” Now OUT OF PRINT.

2009 Herbal Almanac published “Plant-Based Fabric Dyes.” Now OUT OF PRINT.

2009 Witches’ Spell-a-Day Almanac published approximately 25 spells, 5 of which relate to the Elven Path!  Now OUT OF PRINT.

2009 Magical Almanac published “Magical Cleansing Reactions.” Now OUT OF PRINT.

2008 Herbal Almanac published “Henna for Hair” and “4-Step Herbal Cleanse.” Now OUT OF PRINT.

2008 Magical Almanac published “DNA Dowsing.” Now OUT OF PRINT.

2008 Witches’ Companion published “The Star Queen” which includes Varda Elentari from the Elven Path! Now OUT OF PRINT.

2007 Wicca Almanac published “Magical Hemp” which featured a complete magickal correspondences reference table! Now OUT OF PRINT.

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ALL Llewellyn Annuals featuring Lisa as Calantirniel!***

Canada's Coast to Coast AMXZone Radio and TV with Rob McConnell

CHECK OUT the MP3 of Lisa’s Radio/Podcast Interview on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 on Rob McConnell’s XZone Radio – Canada’s “Coast to Coast AM.”    Alternatively, you can search for the archive using the July 16, 2013 date in the Podcasts.  If you have an iPhone or iPad, try searching July 15, 2013 in iTunes for the archive. If you don’t want to miss future events, you may wish to sign up for free email updates.  Lisa has also been recently listed in the XZone Directory of Who’s Who.  For those listening, the Aromatherapist, Nutritionist and Reflexologist is Karen Corey in North Carolina.

Lisa was also interviewed by International Psychic and Intuitive Debbie Edwards on Meta-Visionaires Global Live Radio.  A one-hour archive is available on BlogTalkRadio.

More to come – stay tuned!
















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