Obsidian Reiki Symbols by Lisa Gauvain –

Reiki Healing, local and distant, is included in my services (see my Consultations Page).  Please contact me about Usui Reiki Attunements (i.e. Reiki I Practitioner, Reiki II Practitioner, and Reiki Master).

Looking for Lisa’s Posts instead?  See the Reiki ones and the Dowsing ones by clicking on the link(s) 🙂

For LOTS of information on Reiki: – James Deacon has amazing information, including FREE eBooks! – Peggy Jentoft’s website

Staysee Yod of Blue Hand Consulting is my Usui Reiki Master and Teacher.  He is also a Natural Empath who does Intuitive Dreamwork, Advanced Theta Healing, Reference Point Therapy, and Shamanic Energywork (i.e. cord-cutting, aura-clearing).

Staysee recently shared this link on Kundalini Awakening – enjoy! – Lailah Moridzadeh’s Blog – A Reiki Master and Advanced Theta Healer.

To look into additional healing systems: – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – some great resources on this technique at the Tapping Solution! – Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT or TATLife) – Body Talk Therapy

From the UK:  ChiNosis

I just LOVE Donna Eden’s website, – check out her YouTube Videos with excellent techniques too!

For LOTS of information on Dowsing (particularly with a Pendulum): – By Master Dowser Walt Woods: A wonderful introduction to Dowsing at any price (and luckily it is FREE)! – An excellent resource for more advanced material, lots of great eBooks here, particularly the zip file for Tom Graves’ work, Needles of Stone.

Discovering Dowsing  – Learn Dowsing FREE

An interesting article I found

If you have trouble with pendulums, try Body Dowsing or LadyBarbara’s method of Self-Testing – also found this method and it can be applied for Flower Essences as well as nearly anything else.

For my Llewellyn article I did on DNA Dowsing (see my Author Page):

DNA is influenced by Words and Frequencies

Another find here on WakeUpWorld

For other related skills used:

The very best books I have read on Psychic Training, including the teaching of important techniques, are available from Author Debra Lynne Katz.





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