You arrived here from the Consultations Page where you can choose how much time and in what form (or cost point) you wish for your services (Email, Telephone, In-Person).

This is a sub-menu of my Skills for my clients who are interested in what skills I routinely practice simultaneously during sessions.

You do not have to pick only one!  In fact, you can have them all if your particular situation calls for that!

However, these are shared so you will know what to expect during a reading of any duration (and you would be surprised with even 20 minutes of switching!)

Each of these opens in a new window.



Dowsing and my flagship ability: TIMING MAGIC

Reiki and Energy Healing

Herbs and/or Flower Essences

NEW – Richlore Study of Letters

Now that you have a good idea, you can go BACK to the Consultations Page and choose your preferences!  I look most forward to serving you!  And, don’t forget if you are not there already to get your FREEBIES!